Hemp History


Imagine…making a car from a plant? Because the fibers make it possible, similar to fiberglass, the material is refined and woven into a pattern resembling cloth. (Hemp|Industrial Marijuana| Industrial Hemp|Industrial Cannabis) contain a lot of fiber and protein, oil, and seeds.

Imagine….almost 65 years ago…
In 1941, Henry Ford designed and built a car made entirely from organic materials, including hemp. Tests showed the car bodies were stronger and weighed less than than comparable models made from steel.

Imagine…..we are finally getting back to (Hemp|Industrial Marijuana| Industrial Hemp|Industrial Cannabis) and making a car body designed for today’s market.

Although the United States is lagging behind, we have a neighbor in the government of Canada who is actively supporting the growth of the hemp industry in their nation. The plant can be used in more than 50,000 products. Hemp can replace plastic and petroleum in a wide range of uses.

Canada’s car called the Krestel is a three-door hatchback and weighs just 2,500 pounds. A Ford Fusion, which is about the same size, weighs 1,200 pounds more than the Kestrel. Fuel efficiency increases by 25 to 30 percent over traditional designs.