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How nutritious is the hemp seed?

I've been told by a friend of mine to eat this everyday.
I've heard that it's the most nutritious food available.

Posted by Nich

Hemp seeds are one of the most nutritious foods on earth. Tasting similar to pine nuts and sunflower seeds, hempseeds can be used in any recipe. In terms of nutrient content, shelled hemp seed is basically 34.6% protein, 46.5% fat, and 11.6% carbohydrate. For diabetics, the glycemic index of shelled hempseed is considered low because of its low carbohydrate content. They are also full of nutrients that moderate blood sugar. Since most of the carbohydrate content is in the hull, shelled hemp seed is therefore preferred.

Do you think this is Hemp seed or Cannabis ?


Is this Hemp seed that i have or Cannabis ? What kind is it ?
Thanks , I just want to know because i heard hemp has alot less THC then Cannabis ?

And what kind of marajuna is my seed ? Thanks .

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Hemp and cannabis are the same plant. Or to be more exact, Hemp is the plant, cannabis is the part of the female plant witch you smoke.
There are many different types of weed, each with it's own specifics, mostly these differences are in the way they grow (high-low, light needs, when they start flowering, …)
The amount of THC is of course in the type of seed, but mostly in the care you give it while growing (a good indoor bread plant has more thc, but is smaller so less harvest, outdoor plants are bigger, but you can't control light, budding and flowering so they tend to have a bit less THC)

What type of seed is impossible to tell, and, you could even have male seeds witch won't give you any weed, just plant them and see what comes out…

European Goldfinch Eating Hemp Seed?

Hello, I have a pet European Goldfinch, and I've been hearing that "Hemp Seed" is great for them. Is this true? What does it do to the bird, Is it good or bad? Lastly where can I buy it?
Thank You!

Posted by Pierre

Hi there, a little bit of hemp is good for them especially during winter as it's an oily fatty seed and it helps them insulate against the cold.Goldfinches love fatty seed such as hemp, niger,sunflower hearts,pine seed and lettuce seed.Give in moderation as too much fatty seed can cause liver trouble.Helps if your bird has a large cage or aviary so it can exercise it off.Hemp can be hard to find to buy you just have persist looking for it.Another topic I am not sure on is sterilized seed which hemp most probably is.I give it to my birds and they are close to 2 years old and no problem.

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