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How do you treat cancer with hemp oil?

Do you just pour it on? Can you gargle with it?

Posted by HPV cancer

You don't.

Hemp oil is not considered to be an effective treatment for cancer. It has shown to relieve some side effects of cancer, but it is not a cure.

I know how good fish oil is for the brain but what other alternative methods are used for mental illness?

I have a grown son with schizophrenia. He takes a good multi vitamin with Fish oil but was wondering what else would help him. He is on several anti-psychotic meds now and needs to take them so whatever else he takes has to work with his meds.
Thank you.

Posted by Lana S

Flax seed oil is good and will help counteract the side effects of his medication.

There is also Hemp seed oil, which is good.

And if you buy orgganic milk and butter the omega 3 have not been destroyed- so this is a natural way of raising omega 3 oils.

And try to reduce the intake of omega 6 oils as our modern diet is too high in these oils, as it is present in vast quantities in processed food! So therefore the balance is uneven.

How do you use hemp oil to "relieve side effects of cancer"?

Can you gargle or sniff it?

Posted by HPV cancer

It does not treat the side effects of cancer, it rellieves the side effects of some cancer treatments.

You use it as recommended by your treating oncologist.

No-one undergoing cancer treatment should use any supplements, therapies etc without checking first with their treating oncologist.

Generally it is ingested.

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