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Cannabis: legalize or illegalize?What are your thoughts and reasons on the matter?
You all have the right to voice your opinion, but please keep it down to knowledge and fact, just because you don’t know anything or don’t like anything about it doesn’t mean it’s bad. America is already on the right track, a few states have legalized it and several other states have the medical benefits. I live in England, so not such luck here.

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TargetCBDYES it should

The most addictive drug known to man is already legal and until recently, when obesity knocked it off the top spot, it used to claim more lives than anything else.

The drug that causes most damage to society, that contributes massively to domestic abuse, child abuse, road traffic deaths and costs £6bn to police every year is also legal.

But a drug that half of all young people in this country use, which costs the NHS far, far less than either of the above is not.

Doesn’t make a lot of sense, does it?

Alcohol and tobacco cause far more damage to society than cannabis has done or ever will.

And there are some very good arguments for the drug’s legalisation.

If you legalise cannabis then you can regulate it. You can set the levels of THC – the chemical in marijuana which has increased to potentially harmful levels over the years – and make sure only milder forms are on sale.

If milder forms are available easily and legally, people will not fall over themselves to buy the more harmful variety.

If you control the drugs market then you can control and stamp out the dealers. They make their money because they trade in something which is illegal.

Many advocates of the legalisation of drugs go so far as to suggest that if you legalise all drugs then will the cartels, responsible for so much crime and killing, stick around? Probably not.

The argument that cannabis should remain illegal because it’s a “gateway drug” doesn’t hold up either. If you are truly looking for a gateway, then alcohol and smoking are more likely to form the start than marijuana. I daresay there are few heroin addicts that didn’t start off on alcohol.

Just as there are responsible drinkers that don’t go on to become alcoholics, so there are responsible drug takers who use marijuana recreationally but don’t go on to become crack or heroin users.

There are around three million regular marijuana users in this country but only 330,000 dependent on crack and heroin. The gateway argument just doesn’t add up.

In addition marijuana use just doesn’t inflict the the same harms on society as drinking. Visit any A&E department anywhere in the country, any weekend. They are not full of people who have eaten so many marijuana munchie Mars Bars that they need their stomach pumped.

Surely drugs should be classified according to their damage and cost to society.

Making drugs illegal doesn’t really seem to work. It hasn’t cut the number of people addicted to hard drugs. Nor has it made drugs harder to get hold of. It’s just created a global industry that is worth £294bn: the third most valuable in the world after food and oil.

We should look to countries where they have adopted more progressive drug policies. Portugal decriminalised drugs 10 years ago, although it still punishes the traffickers. It provides treatment and therapy for addicts and supplies clean needles for users. As a result, the number of drug crimes has fallen and fewer people have started trying heroin.

Look at it this way: if we did legalise cannabis, then the £500m we spend policing it every year could be spent cleaning up the mess caused by the 29p per litre booze – which, incidentally, is plentiful at your local supermarket.

What, exactly, are we afraid of?

Do you think weed (Cannabis) should be legalized?Cannabis has been a part of almost all the cultures and religions.. In Hindus, Bhaang is served freely during Holi and Shivratri.. There have been many saints who smoked marijuana, for example, Saibaba (who was a Muslim).. Jesus and his Apostles had the holy anointing oil with cannabis in it (recipe was later changed by the Church)..see ref. Http://… Http://…

TargetCBDYes. States that have passed medical marijuana laws have seen a 9% drop in alcohol-related traffic fatalities. We can save a LOT of lives by giving people the right to substitute marijuana for alcohol.

Marijuana has repeatedly been proven to NOT cause cancer, heart disease, brain damage, liver disease, emphysema, or any other significant health issue, and its addiction potential is about on par with coffee. We mustn’t wait until a loved one has been harmed by alcohol before demanding that our legislators legalize adult marijuana sales!

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Marijuana, Weed, Cannabis, Hash - Free image - 269857

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