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PVC or leather clothing?

Posted by Mrs. S

TargetCBDNeither – I stick to natural clothing of the plant variety (ie cotton, hemp, bamboo, etc)

If you’re going for a “cat suit” type of look; go latex! But first, make sure you are not allergic to it. It looks ultra sexy, just use plenty of powder.

The Truth About Hemp???Anyone read “The Emperor Wears No Clothes”? What are your thoughts about the uses for Hemp and why we aren’t taking advantage of its benefits of use…
Wow how many people really know the difference between Hemp and Marijuana…

Posted by Satyri

TargetCBDMost people know that industrial hemp has been a source of rope, cloth and paper since ancient times, but few recognize its incredible potential today. It represents an ecologically stable, renewable source of raw materials to make such diverse products as automobile fuel, plastics, building materials and food for animals and people.

The agronomics of hemp are pretty standard. Start with a light textured soil with a pH of 6.0-7.5 worked into a firm, level seedbed at 45 to 50 degrees Fahrenheit. Using a regular grain drill, seed 35-60 pounds per acre (depending on seed weight and germination rate). Because hemp plant density chokes out weeds, it grows well without herbicides. It naturally resists attack from bugs and fungi, reducing the need for pesticides and fungicides. In contrast, almost half of all agricultural chemicals used in the U.S. Are applied to cotton. Hemp requires 12-16 inches of water over the course of its 120-150 day growing season. Harvesting hemp involves either swathing and baling it for fiber use or combining it for seed. Hemp can be grown for both fiber and seed, but this often sacrifices the quality of both. Yields range from 3-4 tons/acre for fiber and 300-600 pounds/acre for seed, depending on soil quality.

Once harvested, hemp seed can be processed into oil, which can then be made into oil for human consumption, lotions, soaps, salves and plastics. Hemp seed can also be made into flour, wine, beer and even candy. The seed is highly nutritious, containing more essential fatty acids than any other source. It is high in B-vitamins and contains 35 percent dietary fiber. It is second only to soybeans in complete protein and is actually more digestible by humans.

Hemp can be manufactured into biodegradable plastic products, such as plant-based cellophane and resins, and materials previously made entirely from synthetic fibers. For example, the automobile industry has been using natural fibers, similar to those from hemp, in composite materials used to make door panels and moldings and for insulation, carpets and fabrics. The aviation industry has also been taking a closer look at natural fiber, because in plane crashes people often die not only from the impact but also from inhalation of toxic fumes from burning synthetic materials. Aside from being more ecologically friendly than synthetics, natural fibers lead to stronger, lighter products while causing less wear and tear on manufacturing equipment.

Important early documents, such as the Declaration of Independence, were written on hemp paper, so making paper from hemp and other natural fibers is certainly not new technology. In today’s age of recycling, hemp can be added to recycled pulp to add strength, since each time paper is recycled the original wood fibers get short and weaker. Hemp paper can be recycled seven times, while wood paper only lasts three recyclings. Hemp fiber has less lignin than wood pulp, thus reducing the quantity of environmentally hazardous chemicals needed for processing. Plus, the finished hemp paper has no acid, so it does not become brittle and yellow with age.

What exactly is hemp cord?The hemp cord you make bracelets with? What is it? Is it the root root of something? And the little fibers. Is it OK to breathe these fibers (accidentaly of course)

Posted by deskk_lamp

TargetCBDHemp cord is made from the fibre of a plant. It is one of the stongest natural substances and is used in clothing, ropes, twine, etc. Check out this website.

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