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Where can one find organic fabrics?I normally go to any department store and purchase clothing and for me and my family. But, after learning about the process that a lot of fabrics go through and the various unhealthy chemicals etc. I’d really like to purchase some organic fabric. I have experience making children’s clothes and since I couldn’t afford to buy new organic clothes (who can? They’re so expensive!) I’m hoping to find some fabric that is at least somewhat affordable and perhaps make a portion of my daughter’s clothes. Google only seems to be of little help. I’m not looking for designer fabrics that are 20$ a yard, seems to be all I can find. Any suggestions?

Posted by Thedreamer
TargetCBDThere are a lot of listings here but it gives you the chance to find exactly what you want.Search – Organic Hemp Fabrics, Fibers, & Yarns
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What kind of legal paperwork (etc.) is needed to sell handmade jewelry to small business?I make hemp jewelry as a hobby and I’m interested in selling what i make to small local clothing stores. Do I need any kind of business liscenes?

Posted by kiwibug16
TargetCBDI’m in pa. And all you need is a tax # I use my own name for my bus. That way you don’t have to open a bus acct at a bank, make sure your tax # is on you at all times cause if you buy wholesale, with a tax # you don’t pay tax on items you buy for your bus. But you charge tax on jewelry you sell to customers. Keep good records, for filing your income tax.

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