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Fashion advice for plump man?Is there a place where I can read up more about how & what to wear for man who are plump. I’ve just reduced my weight to 86kg but I still have a little tummy budging out.

Wearing baggy clothes is not an idea for me and I thought I could consider other fashion type.

Posted by nkthen
TargetCBDWow. That’s great.

Overall, traditional track suits (not those awful, mottled grey, thick sweat pants or sweat shirts) but official track suits, are very becoming. The kind that have a zip top (either hoodie style or no hood) and are classically cut = not baggy and puffy at all. Typically a stripe down the legs, and arms and a solid color. They are comfortable for working out, lounging around, running errands, relaxing or almost anything. You can’t go wrong there.

Classic Adidas mens track suits~Yahoo images:

Dark denim jeans and trousers always flatter every figure vs. Extremely distressed or light denim. Cargos with lots of bulky pockets and puckers don’t work as well, because all of that excess material adds bulk. Classic cut, flat front, darker khakis (dark olives, dark navy, black, dark browns and very dark tans) are flattering (always go for the flat front..you don’t want any pleated pockets) and any Chinos or Khakis are not only breathable, but comfy, look smooth and polished..and are not trendy (which is a good thing).

Pretty much, any athletic wear at all (whether it’s tennis whites, Nike golf wear, a track suit..anything) athletic will be comfortable, look good and you’ll feel good wearing it.

Classic, LaCoste style, polo shirts for men are flattering (best to buy a name brand with polo’s..from an outlet store if you have to) because the off-brand polo’s have a tendency to shrink and there’s nothing more unflattering than a polo shirt that is too short on a man. They have to be on the long side. All dept. Stores carry them and they’re easy to find. A classic navy polo shirt with a navy pair of Chino’s and a pair of Sperry topsiders and you will look awesome.

Always go for natural fibers (cotton, linen, wool, hemp, silk, etc.) and avoid polyester or any unnatural fiber if you can. Classic, all cotton, button down, long sleeved shirts are great on all men of any size, no matter what. Paired with a nice pair of flat front khakis or Chinos (or very dark denim, classic cut, straight leg jeans).. And you’re good to go.

Congrats on the weight loss~! Well done.

How to make yourself look thin just by changing your clothes/ezine:

WebMD~How to look instantly thinner:

Fashion & Style Advise blog for men:

Art of manliness~style~fashion~relation to body type:

Fashion & Style tips for Skinny and Heavy Men~Ask Men:

Style Guide for Real Men:

Boho or hippie look anyone?I wanna change into more of the boho , hippie style look for spring i guess you could say

i have about 150$ to make it happen, i know its not a lot
so i need cheaper things

any tips
any sites
any stores?

Posted by ahopef3
TargetCBDStep 1:
Check your favorite clothing stores for bohemian clothing. A mainstream fashion trend since 2003, the boho look can be found at stores ranging from Macy’s to Old Navy to H & M. Used clothing stores, vintage boutiques and even Army surplus outlets are always options, whether boho is in or out.

Step 2:
Buy whatever appeals to you, and worry about putting together outfits after they’re in your closet. Unlike more tailored separates, boho clothes look best when they seem thrown together in most cases, even with colors that might seem to clash if the look were more conservative.

Step 3:
Find head to toe bohemian clothing. Get yourself a hand-crocheted bucket hat or an oversized cabby cap. Then choose some hand-knit scarves to toss around your neck. Jewelry is handmade with vintage-style beads and consist of long, dangling earrings.

Step 4:
Choose tops with a hippie look, like linen or cotton peasant blouses. Hand-embroidered details are a plus. Lingerie-inspired camisoles also have the bohemian look. Wear them below tunics or long, hand-knit cardigans that taper at the waist.

Step 5:
Buy a few peasant skirts that fall to the knee or ankle to continue the look. Low-slung leather belts and crocheted fabric belts add a fun boho touch. For pants, choose denim with flare and loose fitting linen.

Step 6:
Choose wedge platform sandals, espadrilles and simple ballet flats. Suede laced boots are great for the bohemian look. Embroidery, mirror and seed beading, cork wedges and hemp stitching add a boho flair to shoes.

Maybe even shop around at thrift stores or good wills to see if there is anything there. Alot of people donate clothing and you can get them fairly cheap. Maybe look up like janis joplin and like artists and kind of get a view of what you might like. Maybe ask some of your aunts or mom maybe they have some clothes hidden in the back of thier closet you know how women are about holding on to stuff that brings back memories.

Are these stores in San Francisco closed?I haven’t ben to San Fran in 3 years and I am having a hard time finding some of these stores. Do you know if any of these are closed?

The Buddhist Bookstore
Frankel Brothers Hemp Outfitters
Leather Tongue Video
Let it Be
Life Henna Lounge
Luna Sea
MAC (clothing)
Naked Eye News
Planet Weavers
Raw Living Foods
Revival of the Fittest
Rizzoli Bookstore
Rock Express Outlet
Sweet World
Uncle Mame.

Posted by Kaycee W
TargetCBDI know that Uncle Mame closed about 2 years ago.

You may be able to find the others by checking out SF Yellow Pages on line.

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