Hemp As Food


Hemp As Food

Once you understand the multitude of benefits this ancient plant offers, Hemp As Food should not really be difficult to believe or accept.

Up until the 1930s Industrial Hemp was widely grown around America. Scores of products were made from hemp fiber. We commonly think of rope or sails but believe it not, the United States Declaration of Independence was written on Hemp paper way back in 1776.

Hemp seeds can be considered the new “Super-Food” even though its’ been around for centuries.

There are basically 3 types of food items created from Industrial Hemp which can be consumed regularly. Hemp Seeds, Oil and Protein Powder are all beneficial to the human body.


Hemp seeds are packed with Nutritional Power.

* A total plant-based healthy protein which has superior balance containing all 21 amino acids including all 9 essential amino acids

* An eco and vegan-friendly source of source of omegas, healthy protein, and fiber.

* Low carbohydrate, high fiber nutrition, * Non dairy, soya, nuts or gluten.

* Hemp seeds offer healthy proteins called globulins that are important for immune system and the wellness of various other physical body functions.

* In addition seeds provide a perfect proportion of Omega-3 and Omega-6 necessary fatty acids (3:1) for healthy and balanced cardio, hormone, and neurological function.

* Anti-inflammatory crucial oils, consisting of beta-caryophyllene.

* Supplies anti-inflammatory, metabolism-boosting Gamma Linolenic Acid (GLA) unlike flax and most various other omega-rich seeds.

* Rich in chlorophyll a powerful purifying agent and very absorbable, non-allergenic food.

* Gives calcium, folic acid, magnesium mineral, phosphorus, and potassium and B vitamins

If you have a serious health problem CBD can give you hope of a longer and healthier life without the side effects of pharmaceutical drugs. But, even if you are relatively healthy person industrial hemp seeds, oil or protein powder can help you achieve better health.

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Hemp As Food – Questions and Answers

Where can i get hemp based foods?Im trying to go more natural, but i cant find anything that i dont have to order onlineanyone know?

Posted by pebs
TargetCBDTrader Joe’s has some hemp products, so does Wild Oats and Whole Foods. Most organic/natural grocery stores have a decent selection of hemp products. I really don’t recommend the hemp butter. It’s expensive and not too tasty. Though the Hemp Granola and the Hemp waffles are pretty good.
Does all hemp contain cbd?I mean the hemp plant not the marijuana plant.

Posted by Cjcjcjh
TargetCBDHemp and marijuana is essentially the same thing. The female plants contain more of the psychoactive THC when flowering. Hemp is mainly used to refer to male marijuana plants. Their THC content is super low, but they do still contain CBD’s.

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