What is THC and CBD

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Is CBD in all types of Marijuana strains?So CBD has an antisychotic effect against the THC in pot. What if CBD was not present; is that possible?

Posted by Anarchism
TargetCBDUntil now, it hasn’t been possible to get CBD from smoking marijuana without the simultaneous and possibly counterproductive exposure to THC. The new plant could change that — and perhaps shift the medical marijuana debate as well. While THC will remain essential for some medical marijuana patients — to increase appetite, for example — the non-impairing version of marijuana with CBD could help many others, without inducing the pleasure-producing properties that cause so much unending controversy.

Whats the effects of THC and CBD in marijuana a lot?

Posted by Pig
TargetCBDThe side effects of thc is you get stoned and hungry the cbd you do not get stoned it more so helps level out the thc. I’m just telling you the immediate effects. Both thc and cbd have a lot of great medicinal properties that would take me all night to right about you need to do some online research there are tons of helpful site out there about it. Well here I’ll tell you some more, cbd may help to cure Alzheimer and fight breast cancer.

Can you get THC from something other than marijuana plants?

Posted by Solomon Kovač
TargetCBDNope. They make synthetic THC. Your body makes anandamide and 2AG which work just like THC and CBD found in marijuana. There are plants that contain cannabinoids. But none that contain THC or CBD other than marijuana.

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