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Cbd/cannabidiol content in hemp seed oil?

I'd like to know if hemp seed oil contains any amounts of cbd/cannabidiol. In the case it does. What's the amount? Is the amount enough to achive a antipsychoutic effect in human? How much hemp seed oil does it take to make it to a daydose of cbd, in the context of antipsychotic effect?

Posted by Cappe Na

You could drink gallons and you'd be sick before you felt anything,seeds arent what u want to extract cannabinoids/cbd from,stems or even roots would be better.

Hemp Oil/Marijuana Chemotherapy interaction?

Hello. Does anyone know a doctor who can let my mom know that Hemp Oil is not going to interact with Chemo treatments in a negative way? She is currently on Camptosar, Cisplatin, Herceptin, vitamin 12, Hydrocodone, Protonix, and Bethanechol. We are thinking about Rick Simpson's alternative treatement in conjuction with regular chemo to completely rid of the cancer. We plan to use high CBD strains of cannabis to counter the psychoactive effects of high dosages.

She has slightly lower blood pressure, acid reflux, nausea, and some numbing of the hands. Other than that, she is fine.

Any open minded doctors here or know of one?

Posted by Ilooklikemyavatar..exactly

I agree with TonyMoe… I'd put them off on the chemo for a few weeks to try the hemp oil first.

I don't know if Rick's treatment works or not, but I've been talking with some people who seriously believe it works.

Try contacting Phoenix Tears and see if they can recommend someone. Or get in touch with Dr. Robert Melameade at the U of Colorado @ C.S. He teaches a class on cannabinoids. Maybe he knows someone.

One thing is for sure…

Chemo no good for you.

What is the difference between "Cannabis",,"Marijuana" and "Hemp?

I am so confused about"Hemp" is all three? Or what is difference between "Hemp" and "Marijuana"? Why many people say they are different?

From what i understand "Hemp" is "Hemp"..and has different potencies..depending on which cultivar it is? Why the confusion?


Posted by o

Marijuana and hemp are different varieties of the same species of plant, Cannabis sativa L. There are different varieties of Cannabis, just as Chihuahuas and wolves are different breeds of Canis lupus. They are scientifically different and cultivated in different ways.

Marijuana is the flowering tops and leaves of psychoactive varieties of Cannabis that are grown for their high THC content.

It is used legally in some states, excluding Wisconsin, for medical reasons, and is used for recreational purposes as an illegal drug.

Unlike hemp, marijuana has a high THC (delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol) content and a low CBD (cannabidiol) content. CBD blocks the psychoactive effect of THC in the nervous system. That means in all plants in the Cannabis family, there is a chemical that will induce a psychoactive effect and another that will block it. The illegal drug is cultivated to have a THC content of anywhere from 3 percent to 22 percent. The ratio of CBD to THC is less than one.

Hemp, or industrial hemp, is a cultivated, low-THC variety of Cannabis. It is grown for its seeds, oil and fiber.

Industrial hemp has a low THC content compared to its CBD content. THC is typically less than 1 percent. Certified varieties in Canada and Europe are bred with the THC level purposefully decreased to less than .3 percent, the same THC level under recommendation if hemp farming is legalized in Wisconsin.

Ditch weed is hemp found growing in the wild, usually near places where it was once cultivated. It has a low THC level.

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