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Views on medical marijuana for treatment of ADD/ADHD?

Let me know what you think! I have ADHD and I think it would be a tremendous help. I want to be off the man made medications. They r dangerous.

Posted by Zach

I am a former Medical Marijuana patient. I had never used it for ADHD. I have heard it used for
ADHD. I don't know if it works (or how well it works). Medical Marijuana is not just anything that you could find from a contact. Most street marijuana – stoners weeds – is unsafe. Marijuana that is grown outdoors is subject to bird droppings. Marijuana is subject to insect infestation, opportunistic mites, and marijuana is highly prone to mold. Insects, mites, and mold all kill the plant. Growers spray the plants with insecticides, miticides, and fungicides. These are all poisons. Patients who have a compromised immune system can not risk the pathogens in bird feces, insects, insect parts and larvae, and mites, nor can they risk mold infection. No one should be smoking poisons. Marijuana has many metabolites, including THC, THCV, CBN, and CBD. The THC, THCV, and CBN are psychoactive. They cause tachycardia (racing heart). Tachycardia can cause problems in many patients. CBN causes problems in most patients. CBD is a therapeutic metabolite The marijuana that is sold today has had the CBD bred out and the THC ~ levels increased, because it is sold to make people high. In stoners weed, the levels of the many metabolites vary from gram to gram and from plant to plant. Medical Marijuana uses stabilized strains – the levels of the metabolites are consistent form one gram to the next, and from one plant to the next. This allows medical dosing. Medical Marijuana – for patients with compromised immune systems is grown indoors in special controlled environments free of parasites, pathogens, mold, and chemicals. The marijuana is not grown in soil, because the plant uptakes lead in it's root system, and naturally makes 2 toxins in it's roots. There are over 1500 strains of stoners marijuana. A few strains of Medical Marijuana. Every medical indication has the best possible strain for that patent's condition, including ADHD. Medical marijuana is not always smoked. THC, etc. Is not water soluble. THC dissolves in alcohol, fat, and in oil. Concentrates are made from the plant to greatly increase the levels of THC, etc.. Pain Control and cancer both need very high levels of THC as much as 97 percent uses small doses often/day. The patient makes their concentrates which concentrate both the THC and the CBD. CBD is also effective in treating pain, it treats cancer, is an anti-inflamatory and is a neuro protectant. THC, occurs as THC acid. When you smoke it, or when concentrates are made, your body converts it to THC. Marijuana can be juiced (like a carrot). The juice is high in THC acid, but it is not metabolized in to THC (it is urinated out). The pateint does not get high, but gets CBD.

It is anticonvulsant and an anti-psychotic. CBD may be (I don't know, but it seems so) in treating ADHD. You should find the best strain of marijuana for you. See


See my blog


I no longer need marijuana, the now have Rx drugs that work.

Best medical marijuana seed?

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There isn't a best medical marijuana seed — that's purely subjective. Different strains have the ability to cure different ailments depending on its THC and CBD levels.

If you want an overall, good medical marijuana seed — I would go with a high selling/high popular strain. Himalayan Gold, Northern Lights Power Plant or White Russian.

Informative speech: medical marijuana?

I am doing an informative speech in a class over medical marijuana and i need help with some major points in it but it cant be close to a pursuasive speech.

Posted by Shark Bait

- You cannot overdose from taking too much marijuana.
– There are alternatives to smoking the crude combustion products of a dried plant, such as vaporizing the terpenoids out of the marijuana. This way you only get the cannabinoids and none of the carcinogens and tars of the plant.
– Anti-nausea medication must be administered orally. You can bypass this by vaporizing/smoking marijuana. It is useful for those with severe nausea, such as those suffering from AIDS.
– Recent studies report that THC is neuroprotective and at high enough doses is more effective at treating Alzheimer's than any medication available.
– THC has been shown to have anticarcinogenic properties, helping to prevent cancers.
– THC has been shown to have bronchiodilator properties, helping to relief asthma.
CBD has been shown to have antipsychotic properties and may be beneficial for a natural treatment of schizophrenia.
– Those are some recent ones, but the list goes on and on and on… You could find many more. Antispasmotic effects good for seizure prone people, etc…
– The fact that there are so many contradictory results from the studies should tell us that someone is being biased. The U.S. Gov't has worked hard to keep it illegal. Scientists that report beneficial/neutral aspects of marijuana have no motivation to do so (no monetary/political benefit). It was initially made illegal to keep minorities out of the U.S. Now reread this bullet and see if you can't infer something.