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What are the risks of marijuana use? Only users/former users of the drug answer please?I have a family history of mental disease(however, not schizophrenia. My mum has paranoid personality disorder, no-one else in my family has a mental illness). I want to use it for medicinal purposes. Am I likely to develop a mental illness from continued use?

Posted by Stoika
TargetCBDI am a former Medical Marijuana patient.

See my post on this


As far as it being a risk to your mental health, yes it can be. Being high is not normal mental health. Therefore, being high is an abnormal state of mental health. It is psychosis. Before anyone jumps on me for saying that weed never made anyone psychotic, I mean that being high is a psychotic state. If a person has a preexisting condition, being high can be a trigger for that person.
Inducing psychosis is not healty in someone who is psychotic. There has been only a few studies that marijuana will harm anyone this way. Those studies have been reports from pateints with pre-existing conditions. If you are already psychotic, adding a psychotic state is perhaps unwise. It is not true that marijuana is harmless. The THC in marijuana speeds up the heart (tachycardia). If you have a preexisting medical condition where in increased heart rate is potentially harmful, that might harm you. This does not affect most people. But consuming a lot of caffeine may exacerbate this. A lot of recreational drug users may have chest pain from smoking certain strains of marijuana, such as Khronic.

Medicinal purposes: That depends on what you mean by ‘medicinal purposes’. Getting stoned, unless you are terminally ill, is not medicinal. It is recreational. Nothing wrong with that, but it is not medical. It is also false that marijuana can not have addictive effects. In Medical Marijuana it can, and it can be harmful. In treating epilepsy, too high a level of THC triggers seizures. The CBD in marijuana is an anticonvulsant. To high a level of CBD is also a problem. It is a tricky balance. Stoners marijuana has had the CBD engineered out of it, because CBD lowers the high. In medical marijuana CBD is always a part of all medical marijuana thereapy, and certain other metaboltes, such as CBN, a metaolite of THC, are harmful. Medical marijuana are special strains of marijuana with different ratios of the metabolites in marijuana that is best suited for that patient. Not everyone can access medical marijuana strains. They may be able to only obtain the stoners strains, which have high THC and low CBD. I have epilepsy. I was using marijuana when my doctors had told me that there were no pills to help me. I needed lesser amounts of THC. Unable to get medical strains the only way to accheive this is to use less drug. THC is THC and makes you euphoric. Because it makes you feel high, you will want to use more. It’s hard to say stop, when you really want as much as possible. I ended up smoking more marijuana – and had THC induced seizures. I smoked more marijuana to control the seizures. I was helped when I let a freind dose me. Epilepsy is not the only condition that sees this problem, and it is has nothing to do with seizures. I was speaking to another Medical Marijuana pateint about 3 days ago. He was injured in combat – has PTSS. He was commenting that the THC made him an addictive personality – but to marijuana only (it is NOT a gateway drug.). It is not an uncommon complaint amoung us. It is NOT addictive – it only affects dose, and only when on it. No problem stopping it. Some patients, need very high levels of THC (Cancer and Pain Control, and others). They also need high levels of CBD.

Does CBD in marijuana still get you high?I got a strain called ABATIOL that has 0.62% THC and 15.86% CBD.

Posted by Justin
TargetCBDIt shouldn’t get you very high if at all.

What type of marijuana has the highest percentage of CBD?Theres something in marijuana called CBD which I found out helps reduce paranoia, so does anyone know what type of marijuana has the highest percentage of it? I read that skunk has the lowest.

Posted by JohnD
TargetCBDCBD depends on the quality and type of weed. I would say Dro has one of the highest CBD contents. Just try out some different types. It’s fun to experiment.

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