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Will the CBD in cannabis set off a drug test?

To be honest I am a HUGE cannabis fan. However since I am a computer engineering student and have to be clean for drug tests I refrain from using it. Please no one lecture me about how "evil" or "harmful" this cancer curing plant (research has proven this) is. The question I have is will the non-psychoactive component CBD set off a drug test? I am highly interested in purchasing CBD supplements which are incredibly good for you (lotions, shampoos, cooking oils, etc.). While I am aware that CBD is legal for purchase and consumption I am unsure if consuming CBD will set off a drug test. For engineering jobs they usually do hair tests. If you have any information on the subject please let me know!

Thanks and have a wonderful day! :D.

Posted by Travis

First off, it is perfectly ok to like to smoke weed, anybody saying that it is somehow morally wrong is either lying, or stupid. However, when people start making claims like "weed cures cancer", you end up looking stupid yourself, it may well help the patient, especially with nausea with chemo (there's honestly nothing better than weed for this) and help the patient be comfortable with their condition, but it most certainly does not cure cancer, so please don't start spreading it around, it makes you sound like a 15 year old kid with cockroach deardlocks and a weed leaf hoodie. You're much better than that bro.

Now, i'll stop being a pedant and answer your question; yes CBD probably will cause you to test positive, they are very structurally similar chemicals and the test will most likely not discriminate between either.

Where can I buy essential oils in Singapore?

I'm looking for anywhere that sells all types of essential oils in Singapore so if anyone knows of any stalls or shops, it'd be very appreciated. I'm not looking to buy in bulk, just those 30 or 50ml bottles of different types of essential oils. Thanks.

Posted by me in singapore

Just walk around the CBD area. There are a lot of stores in Singapore selling aroma therapy related products. If I am not wrong, the Watsons store in Ngee Ann city, Orchard road stocks some essential oils. Lemongrass House specialises in essential oils too (google it to check out their site).

Best cannabis strains to make hemp oil with(cancer cure)?

Im just wondering because hemp oil cures cancer and i was wondering what would be the best strains to use to make it? Like high CBD or high THC?

Watch run from the cure on youtube all the proof you need
If i got cancer, i wouldnt go through chemo, ive seen the effects of that and it kills your insides.

Posted by Jon

Oh fer crying outloud!I
Iwould respect you guys a lot more if you simply admitted you liked being high all the time.

Either bud cures everything and needs to be tightly regulated, or the crap is harmless and should legal. Make up your mind – it can't cut both ways.

If bud is such a cure for cancer – why do tokers and smokers come down with cancer all the time?

And why is it that people survive cancer as the result of chemo?

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