CBD Content in Medical Marijuana Strains

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Should marijuana be legalized?I personally think pot should be legalized and taxed.

Posted by Lover Boy
TargetCBDYes. Why?

1. It would shift the power of control away from criminals and into the hands of the government where it can be properly regulated.

2. The government could then produce strains with a higher CBD content. CBD is an anti psychotic compound found in cannabis.

3. Shops and establishments who wanted to sell weed would risk loosing their licenses and being prosecuted/fined if they were caught selling to someone who is under age while your average drug dealer is only to happy to sell to kids.

4. It would produce much needed revenue in times of economic uncertainty.

5 .It would be a safer alternative to drinking.

6. It would save millions in court costs and enable the police to concentrate on dealing with more serious crime. Also less convictions means more spaces in our overcrowded prison system.

7. Otherwise law abiding citizens wouldn’t be turned into criminals

8. Cannabis also has a lot of Medicinal benefits. For example treating menstrual cramps. Helping ease the symptoms of stress,depression and anxiety something that i have personal experience with. Cannabis has also proven to be an effective treatment for multiple sclerosis and various other medical conditions.

9. Hemp can be used in various industries like paper, textiles, biodegradable plastics, construction, health food and fuel applications among other things.

10. Employment is another factor to take into consideration

11. Scientists believe alcohol is far more dangerous than cannabis

12. Your are statistically less likely to be involved in an accident than someone who drinks and drives. Not that i condone either.

Marijuana, what type?After having my wisdom teeth removed I was put on Lortab. Due to the extreme nausea they caused me, the only way I was able to dose was on an empty stomach, then straight to bed. I LOVED the floaty, happy, ‘I love everybody’ feeling I got right before drifting off. Is there a strain of marijuana that can produce similar feelings? Though I’m in my 30′s I’ve never smoked pot, and there are so many types that should i get the chance I wouldn’t know where to begin as far as what to choose. Any suggestions?

Posted by
TargetCBDCannabis that is high in CBD is often used for nausea. There are strains that have much more CBD and they don’t get you as high. If you are in a state like California where you can get a recommendation you could ask one of the dispensaries what the best high CBD strain they have. Cannabis indica variety tend to have more CBD. They often call indica varieties Kush but that or being indica isn’t a very reliable method of determining CBD content. Selective breeding can change the ratios of the different cannabinoids so even a very high CBD like harlequin is sativa dominant. The amounts of various cannabinoids for different strains are often listed. It is also hard to know what is reliable information. Because it was illegal drug companies made synthetic cannabinoid marinol to treat nausea. It apparently doesn’t work as well so I give the medical establishment very low grades when it come to knowing what cannabinoid is best for nausea. They tend to be drug company shills. It makes it difficult when the stoners know more than the professionals. Much of the info is also corrupted by government propaganda. The info on high CBD seems to be fairly reliable but then every person reacts differently to different strains.

No need for medical marijuana Sativex?Is there any reason for the debate on medical marijuana now that Sativex, which is basically the pharmaceutical whole plant extract in the form of a spray, is out and when it gets approved by the FDA? I can’t seem to find much information on this on the web.

People seem to want to legalize smoked Marijuana for medical purposes for the critically ill patients. But with Sativex out, I don’t see any reason to legalize marijuana for medical purposes anymore and that making it legal would only lead to more recreational uses. Or am I missing something? Besides maybe the slight cost difference and that Sativex takes maybe 10 more minutes to get through your system, it seems like the solution for the medical Marijuana debate no? This is strictly for medical purposes, not for complete legalization of Marijuana for recreational purposes.

Posted by pengwin06
TargetCBDWell i dont think that Sativex will replace crude plant material, just as i dont think robots will replace crude human material.

Sativex is distinct from all other pharmaceutically produced cannabinoids currently available because it is derived from botanical material, rather than a solely synthetic process. However even though it contains THC and Cannabidol (CBD) it is lacking many of the cannabinoids found in the crude content of Marijuana.

Marinol, a THC pill, contains only a synthetic version of THC, which is just one of marijuana’s approximately 60 active components, called cannabinoids. Sativex contains THC and other cannabinoids, however only a fraction of waht the plant contains! Sativex takes the ingredients believed to help heal pain, but it is weird how nature works. When you isolate just the two chemicals, they do not preform as they do when imbedded in the matrix of chemicals found in the palnt.

Most medical marijuana users obtain relief without becoming intoxicated, and the same is true of Sativex. While both contain THC, both also contain other natural plant components which moderate its effects, and both allow users to adjust their dose as needed to obtain relief without intoxication. However like I said, Sativex has very few other compounds.

So in my final words:

Sativex acts far more slowly than marijuana that is inhaled (as through a vaporizer). According to the company’s official product information, peak blood levels aren’t reached for more than an hour and a half — about as slowly as Marinol, which many doctors and patients consider unacceptably slow. Sativex is also expensive — about $3 Canadian per spray, or about $15 per day at the average dose. IN ADDITION, PATIENTS HAVE FOUND THAT DIFFERENT STRAINS OF MARIJUANA provide the best relief for different conditions, so Sativex is unlikely to benefit every patient who currently benefits (or could benefit) from whole marijuana.

Sativex is simply another form of medical marijuana, and patients and doctors should be able to choose what works best for each patient’s particular situation. Now that the FDA has approved Sativex, arresting and jailing patients for using herbal marijuana would make no more sense than allowing people to drink coffee while jailing them for possessing coffee beans.

Thank you so much for being interested in a topic that so many are too scared to even look at. Please continue to ask questions for others opinions, share your opinions to others, and fill yourself with factual knowledge and keep an open mind.

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